Winder of the Week - WK16

Meet the WW70, this premium watch winder offers enough space for up to 4 automatic watches and an extra compartment below for all your accessories and additional watches. The WW70 provides the luxury experience to any watch enthusiast. Handmade of premium solid wood and finished with a high gloss look the interior features a soft touch black suede leather inlay. The secure key-lock system provides quick and easy access to your timepieces. The premium digital LCD displays provides full control and functionality to your collection and wind settings. The WW70 features a modern design which blends in every interior and provides all the luxury functionality that your collection deserve.


  • 5 additional watches
  • Capacity: 4 automatic watches &
  • 4 color finishes available:
  • Ebony High Gloss Finish & Black Suede Inlay
  • Engine: Mabuchi
  • Dimensions: 30,6 x 18,3 x 32,5 cm
  • LCD Control System
  • Multiple Wind Settings
  • Power: Adapter Only
  • Interior Blue Lighting
  • Download the Roogs watch winder user manual


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