What is a watch winder?

Watch Winder Basics.

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A watch winder is a watch accessory that supplies one or more automatic watches with energy, so that the watches keep "running". An automatic watch obtains energy through movement. If there is insufficient movement, the watch will stop functioning, after which it must be reset for use in terms of time, date and / or other functions.

By simulating wrist movement, a watch winder provides the automatic watch with energy so that it will continue to function. This is very useful if you have multiple automatic watches and change regularly so that settings such as time, date and / or moon phase are retained.

Using a watch winder also extends the life of your automatic watch because the moving parts keep moving and the oil is well distributed within the timepiece. In addition, a watch winder is an accessory to neatly store your watches, protected from dust, condensation or other influences.

How many turns does an automatic watch needs per day?

Most watch winders offer the option to select a desired number of turns per day (TPD). The main rule is that 95% of all automatic watches obtain energy at a minimum of 900 TPD.

If the automatic watch is not getting enough energy or is even stationary, we recommend a higher TPD. If the automatic watch only needs little energy, we recommend a lower setting.

Read the manual before use and use the original adapter for optimal power supply.Always turn the watch winder off or on pause when inserting or removing watches. Close the lid or door to protect against dust and other external influences.Wipe the watch winder regularly with a cloth in connection with dust.Do not bring the watch winder into contact with water or other liquids.

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A watch winder rotates in a certain direction to allow the watch to obtain energy. The recommended direction of rotation differs per watch, depending on the type of watch. It is generally assumed that 95% of all automatic watches are wound clockwise at 900 revolutions per day (TPD: turns per day). Because most watchwinders have different directions of rotation and revolutions per day, the other 5% is also covered.

Left: the watch winder rotates counterclockwise (counterclockwise).

Right: the watch winder rotates clockwise (clockwise).

Alternating: the watch winder rotates left and right (alternating - adjustable by choosing a program).

Rest Period: Each watch winder uses (depending on the program) a rest period between winding. The natural wearing of the watch is simulated.

How much sound does a watch winder make?

A watch winder is almost never completely silent. A watch winder is a mechanical device with various rotating parts (motor, drive and watch holder). The best watch winders make minimal noise that can only be heard by a trained ear and can be used in a bedroom.

The amount of noise can be reduced by using the watch winder correctly. Always turn the watch winder off or on pause when inserting or removing watches. If the watch winder has a door or lid, close it when in use. This minimizes the noise and also protects your watches against dust, condensation and / or other external influences.

With longer and intensive use of a watch winder, it is possible that the watch winder will make more noise. This does not necessarily indicate a defect, it can usually be solved by re-adjusting the drive or motors.

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