About Roogs


ROOGS was created by founder Rogier van Dijk in 2015. With a passion for beautiful timepieces, horology and style Rogier was in constant search for the perfect watch winder for his collection. After years of finding poorly made solutions that didn't quite meet expectations Rogier set out to create his own line of premium watch boxes, watch winders and watch stands. Classic, timeless designs that store and protect your time pieces while looking great in an interior setting. Creating beautiful watch accessories at accessible price points.


From a strictly astrological perspective, the primary symbol for “Time” is Saturn. 
This is true for a variety of reasons. Old age, maturity, hard work coupled with perseverance is connected to the astrological symbol of Saturn.

It is a planet that teaches you the most important lessons of your life. Saturn rules the knees and the legs, so when Saturn comes about and it sees that you’re just cruising through life it teaches you lessons pushing you to ‘stand up on your own two feet’. The most simple solution for Saturn is to make time your best friend, always worship time, follow time, be on time, have schedules, your Saturn period will always be the most fruitful and life will get easier.