Winder of the Week - WK30

Winder of the Week - WK30
Meet the WW4, this premium but compact watch winder offers enough space for 2 automatic watches. The WW4 is the perfect storage solution for every watch enthusiast. Handmade of premium wood and finished with a leather cognac finish and vegan leather inlay. The unique flip lid is angled for easy access to your watches. The metal detailed dials provide smooth and easy control to change your preferred watch winder settings. The WW4 has a unique timeless design which suits every interior with modern functionality that your timepieces deserve. Specifications Capacity: 2 automatic watch Colour finish: Turtle Crack Splice Black Highlighter Paint & Black Suede Inlay Engine: Mabuchi Dimensions: 18 x 18.5 x 19.5 CM Multiple wind settings Dual Power: Adapter and/or Batteries Download the Roogs watch winder user manual

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