Winder of the Week - WK18

Bold, compact, but full of style.
Meet the WW9, this premium but compact watch winder offers enough space for your favourite automatic watch. The WW9 is the perfect storage solution for every watch enthusiast. Handmade of premium solid black high gloss wood and hand wrapped in brown ostrich finish with a deep camel velvet inlay. The metal detailed dials provide smooth and easy control to change your preferred watch winder settings. T
he WW9 has a bold design which stands out in every every interior with modern functionality that your timepieces deserve.


  • Capacity: 1 automatic watch
  • Color finish: Brown Ostrich Skin  & Deep Camel Velvet Inlay
  • Engine: Mabuchi
  • Dimensions: 13,7 x 13,7 x 15,2 cm
  • Premium Materials
  • Compact Design
  • Dual Power: Adapter and/or Batteries
  • Download the Roogs watch winder user manual

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