Winder of the Week - WK12

When every detail counts!
Luxury collections deserve luxury watch winders, introducing the WW109 watch winder offering enough space for up to 6 automatic watches. The WW109 provides the luxury experience to any watch enthusiast. Handmade of premium solid black wood and finished with a black highlighter paint the interior feature a soft touch black suede inlay which protects and stores your watches in style. The secure key-lock system provides quick and easy access to your timepieces. T
he WW109 features a bold design which suits every interior and provides all the modern functionality that your timepieces deserve.


  • Key lock system
  • Premium rose gold detailed dials
  • Multiple wind settings
  • Capacity: 6 automatic watches
  • Color finish: Turtle Crack Splice Black Highlighter & Black Suede Inlay
  • Engine: Mabuchi
  • LCD control panel
  • Dimensions: 29 x 19.5 x 47.5 cm
  • Power: Adapter Only
  • Interior Blue Lighting
  • Download the Roogs watch winder user manual

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